Why use Offsite Archiving?

Document storage East London imageDocument storage East London  – According to Statistics – 80% of all archived documents never needs to be accessed again once they stored or filed away.

With VAT files having to be legally kept for seven years and other business documents requiring to be kept by law, your expensive office space in central London is probably the least cost effective place to store your documents.

Our off-site storage solution will not only free up that expensive office space, but will also remove the unseen management costs that accompanies storing your documents on your premises

Document Archive Storage Service

Our archive storage services make it easy to move and store your business records off-site. You pack your archive documents; we call and transport them to our secure storage facilities and register the delivery. When you need them back, we recall the document packs and return them. It’s that easy.

Our archive storage service offers high levels of security and safety in addition of course to providing collection, retrieval, delivery and if required secure destruction.

Document storage East London – Archive Storage Solutions

All our document storage  sites have intruder and fire alarms linked  to police and fire stations, Our CCTV operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visitors must be  accompanied onsite   Our secure storage containers all utilise a 10 lever locking system providing our users with maximum security. We are confident that that our document storage facilities are as secure as possible giving you peace of mind. Experts in Document storage East London

The Business Benefits of Archiving your Documents Offsite

If you have boxes and files cluttering your office this will be consuming  valuable working space that can be an a significant expense to your organisation, particularly in Central London where office space and costs is at a premium. If you have  documents that need to be retained but not accessed frequently. Storage in London can provide you with an efficient and effective archive storage solution for your business and as an added bonus eliminate the time you often waste looking for a particular file or box. With our indexing and tracking system all it takes is a quick call to our account management team  and we will be able to find your documents for you.

Why use Us?

We have a vast experience working with public and private sector customers and we fully understand the legal requirements of retaining documents. We will also be able to remind you when document retention dates are due to expire and which will enable you to decide if you want to continue to use our store these documents or alternatively  have them confidentially shredded, Either way you will be able to effectively manage your archive documents.



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